Rem 700 with Safety - (2 week lead time)

Rem 700, 1.5-4lb (600-1800 grams) adjustable drop-in trigger for Rem 700 Models.All Prices in USD.

TT-AR 15 Adjustable - (2 week lead time)

This option is perfect for versatility, it suits the low weight target shooter to the higher weight, fast shooting, 3-gunner

TT-AR-15 Fixed Competitive - (2 week lead time)

~3.5 lb Frictionless Trigger for the all-round shooter.

TT-AR-15 MIL/LE - (2 week lead time)

Fixed at ~5.5 lbs. Perfect for professional use and shooters who want more weight on prior to the break.


Excalibur Single Stage 2.5 (2 week lead time)

Single Stage 2.5 lb Trigger. The Single Stage trigger works on all Excal models, including the Matrix line.

Mission Single Stage 2.5 (2 week lead time)

2.5 lb Single Stage Trigger.


TT Dark Grey Hat

Flex-Fit TriggerTech hat. Available Sizes: L-XL (most common) and S-M.

Sticker Pack

A variety of TriggerTech stickers with a Patch.


Straight Lever

Straight Lever for Excalibur Crossbows

Swept Lever

Swept Lever for Excalibur Crossbows